Tool – Mandalay Bay

Last month I found out that Tool was going to be playing a few shows across the US, one of them being here in Vegas.  I made sure on that day at 10am when tickets went on sale that I was able to get some.

I was able to see Tool last year and wasn’t too overly impressed with that show, but I was blown away with this one.  They stuck with a lot of their older stuff.  While the seats were kind of nose bleed it was nice to be able to sit back with a drink in hand and watch the show.

I took a few videos and uploaded them to YouTube, while they are not the best it does

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Hard Rock Hotel + Ticket Stubs

I just found out about this today, I am not sure if its a new thing or I have been living under a rock.  The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino here in Vegas is offering the following deal if you show your ticket stub after any concert. Casino Bars – 2-for-1 Drinks Pink Taco – … Read More

A day in “court”…

Yesterday I finally had my “court” date for the traffic violations I had back in March.  I got pulled over on the way back to work from lunch and got a ticket for Expired Registration as well as an incorrect address on my License.
It was an honest mistake and the following morning I went to the DMV and got it all taken care of.  Even doing that I was still worried since the fine could be around $1000 and the ticket required me to show up in court.

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Batman gets beaten on the Vegas Strip

Not that I am saying you should go out and beat people on the strip when you are our here visiting…. But it would make it more exciting to witness this every so often when I actually venture down there.

Moving back to Vegas

So today marks my last day living and working in масиMarina del Rey, tomorrow morning I will be packing my car and moving back to Vegas. Hopefully this time around things work out better and are more enjoyable.