Guess what? I am moving to Boulder!


With only about 20 days left here in Las Vegas, I figure that it is time for this draft to finally be shown the light of day.  Come June 4th, 2013 I will be leaving Las Vegas and starting my drive to Boulder, Colorado.  I have been trying to decide on where to move for close …

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Tool – Mandalay Bay

Last month I found out that Tool was going to be playing a few shows across the US, one of them being here in Vegas.  I made sure on that day at 10am when tickets went on sale that I was able to get some.

I was able to see Tool last year and wasn’t too overly impressed with that show, but I was blown away with this one.  They stuck with a lot of their older stuff.  While the seats were kind of nose bleed it was nice to be able to sit back with a drink in hand and watch the show.

I took a few videos and uploaded them to YouTube, while they are not the best it does

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Hard Rock Hotel + Ticket Stubs

I just found out about this today, I am not sure if its a new thing or I have been living under a rock.  The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino here in Vegas is offering the following deal if you show your ticket stub after any concert. Casino Bars – 2-for-1 Drinks Pink Taco – …

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