1yr in Vegas

The date had almost slipped me by.  I have now been living in Vegas for 1yr, 6 months longer than I really would have cared for.   I moved to Vegas to get out of computers for a bit and attempt to work at one of the many clubs or casinos…. And if you know where I stand now you know that didn’t happen, and instead I ended up working for a company that does support for all of the casinos and bars instead.  Time like that make me wish I didn’t give up my hosting carreer, but I am trying to work my way back into that as it was something that I can say I actually enjoyed.  Anyways Vegas is hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter, and they lack a real beach.

Vegas Heat, Steak and Computers

Over the past couple of weeks Vegas sure has gotten hot.  I had forgotten how hot it gets during the summers here.  Ohh well once I get a job I think it will be time to fix the AC unit in my car since it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Ryan was here over the last week and I wish my luck was as god as his.  Seems that he had a lucky streak as he was up around $1000 during the time he was here. Even though I haven’t won like that in a long time, he still treated us to nice steak dinner at Claim Jumpers.
I have started to plan out my new fileserver setup.  Mainly I have a dual 1ghz machine with 4gig of ram that I am going t put in pace as the fie server, and then take the d fileserver and make it a MythTv frontend for my bedroom…  Lets see how well this ends up working out.

Whole lot of nothing…

I have really been slacking on site updates, mainly because I have been avoiding my computer in all ways possible besides my daily visits to Craigslist.  Even with that, I have yet to land a job, but it has still been a blast in Vegas none the less.

My days have been occupied with applying for jobs, interviews and countless rounds of disc golf.  I have been working on some site designs for a few clients to bid the time as well.
As for this site, I am have had a few design ideas in mind, yet I have not really wanted to take the time to work on it and push through the ideas I have in mind.

This weekend a friend from Michigan is coming to Vegas and then taking a drive to California, I might hitch a ride so I can work on my tan at the beach…  If I do I hope to add some photos since I have been slacking on that.

Anyways there is an update to occupy your time for a few until I get around to a full update.  Good day.