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Swiftype now enabled

With my contact tweaking and screwing with Fauxzen I decided to enable Swiftype.  It just went active on the site today and so far it has been flawless and the indexing from the blog to their site was fast and flawless. Don’t get me wrong the standard built in WordPress search seems to work great on […]


Hardcode WordPress blog URL

I find myself using this little snippet of code that is added to the wp-config.php file quite a lot these days with customers that are migrating from one host to another and need to use a testing URL.  Simply adding the following lines of code to the wp-config.php will force WordPress into using that URL […]

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Happy Late New Year!

Well looking back I have been pretty bad about posting, always stating I will be posting on a regular basis…. never seems to happen.  Anyways its a new year and I am going to try to make the same promise again.  I have been wanting to post on a more frequent basis these days, but for some reason I never find the time to actually site and do so.  I mildly blame Reddit and Imgur for this as they seem to occupy more and more of my free time.

The Site

Site is not broken…

While I know the site looks like its missing the stylesheet, it really isn’t.  I have been messing around trying to make the site as fast loading and as minimal as possible… so it should start to take better shape soon enough.