Live Chat Dialogue…

I am amazed….

You are now speaking with Shelby of Support.
Shelby: Hello, How can I help you?
Customer: ?
Shelby: How can I help you? What is your question?
Customer: what. i just gave you my question..
Shelby: I did not get your question can you please repeat it.
Customer: u got my question
Shelby: I have not gotten your question. If you can please repeat the question I will be happy to answer it for you. Thanks
Customer: what the heck is wrong with you. i have asked the question 2 times now.

I am still lost by all this. He never ended up telling me what the issue was, instead he left chat.

We all know CPanel sucks but…

I was really unaware of the “level of FAIL” that it was capable of demonstrating… until now.

1) frontend/x3/diskusage/index.html , go to a folder with lots of files in it.
2) Click “Size (MB)” column header to sort.
3) Watch cPanel sort a numeric column alphabetically, but don’t blink because
it also auto-refreshes the page a second later with the original by-name sort
4) Be amazed at the level of FAIL exhibited by a product claiming to be in its
11th iteration.

While the guy does an excellent job in describing what the issue is, the wording is somewhat humorous.

I am old…

Well I have really been slacking on updates.  Mainly because I have been pretty busy with coming off of nights and switching to a new schedule, and having people in from out of town.  I had my birthday the other day, and well I am now a dirty old man.  I still haven’t updated my theme in ages, and have become even more addicted to social networking sites than I was a week ago.  I am going to try to get back on track with the updates. So keep coming back, or dont…