XBMC Frodo on ATV

I have been running XBMC “Eden” on all of my Apple TV’s for sometime now with out issue, but the other day I noticed there was a new release called Frodo.  Frodo brings some fixes, and changes to XBMC so I figured why not stay updated and upgrade all my Apple TV’s.  Usually you can login to the Apple TV and issue an apt-get update but since the new version is still a RC you need to enable the pre-release/nightly builds to get it.

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Centralized XBMC library

Problem: I have multiple AppleTV’s running XBMC on them all reading from the same central server.  The issue was that the thumbnails might be on one and not the other, also watching TV series its hard to keep track of which episode I am on since I watch from multiple locations.

Solution: Doing some reading you can actually make all of the XBMC instances store data to a central server running MySQL.  Why would you want to do that? Well there are a few reasons, besides having everything in sync across the board it also gives you the ability to resume playback from where you left off in another room.

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Xbmc Goodness

So I finally modded my Xbox and installed Xbmc on it, and man I must say its sweet. I haven’t had much time to mess with it as of yet but from the time I spent toying around with the setup of things its a vast improvement and will make a great center piece to my entertainment center. More postings about this to come as soon as I have more time to mess with it.