Taking the drone out of storage

When I first purchased my Mavic Air I put in some miles on it, but since moving it has more or less been in storage collecting dust.

Recently I purchased the new iPad Mini and thought I should probably dig out the Mavic Air and get it all set up… I failed to remember that the cable I have for the controller/iPad connection is a lightning connector and the new iPad Mini has USB-C instead.

I was able to pick up a new Micro-AB->USB-C cable from Amazon and have it delivered the next day, with good ole Amazon Prime.

Taking the drone out of storage 1

I was happy that once it arrived not only did the new iPad fit well into the Mavic Air controller but the new cable hooked up fine, even with a little slack and everything is now in working order ready for me to go out and fly, hopefully, this weekend as long as the weather allows.