WordPress slow feed updates or lack of

I have been battling an ongoing issue during the 100 Day Blogging Challenge where both of my sites that are submitted to the challenge via the default WordPress RSS feeds are never updating or are taking multiple days to show that a post was made. I thought I had narrowed it down to utilizing multiple …

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Falling behind

I could likely write another post complaining about the difficulties of the 100 days of blogging challenge that I am taking part in, but what fun would that be? Instead, I think I should just say that I have missed a few days as I find it especially difficult on the weekends to find the time to post.

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Remove Javascript and CSS versioning from WordPress

Remove Javascript and CSS versioning from WordPress 1

While trying to optimize my site a while back I came across some issues with Javascript and CSS versions causing caching issues, or rather not being cached. This lack of caching of the Javascript and CSS files was lowering the site score on many testing sites including WebPageTest. I searched around a bit and came …

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