Taking the drone out of storage

DJI Mavic Air - Onyx

When I first purchased my Mavic Air I put in some miles on it, but since moving it has more or less been in storage collecting dust. Recently I purchased the new iPad Mini and thought I should probably dig out the Mavic Air and get it all set up… I failed to remember that …

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New iPad mini 6th generation

iPad Mini - 6th Generation - Space Gray 2021

I picked up a new iPad Mini 6th generation on Wednesday, October 6th after much debate. I have been waiting for Apple to release an iPad Mini like this since I first purchased the original iPad Mini, I just couldn’t get over the cost based on previous models. In the end, after reading a few …

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Switching to Visible from Google Fi

Visible Logo

I have been using Google Fi for over a year now on my iPhone, but since moving the service was just not cutting it. I often found myself standing next to the door, window, or even in some cases on my porch in order to make/take a call. Also with the iPhone, I was not able to utilize Wifi calling so it kind of put me into a tough spot.

I think a lot of the issues with this were due to how Google Fi makes use of Sprint and T-Mobile cell towers, sadly on the iPhone it only utilized T-Mobile which is spotty here in Okemos, and well just about everywhere in the area.

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