Backing up DVD’s on OS X

Well here is all the info you need to really get a good backup copy of your DVD’s. First get the program call MacTheRipper, once you have that it will allow you to do a disk copy of your DVD. After the disk copy has completed you will be left with a folder that you created in there will be all of the DVDs. Next, you need to get a program such as DVD2oneX and from that program, you can select the folder that you just created and it will reencode it all to fit on a DVD-R. Last but not least once DVD2oneX has done its thing you will have two folders, an AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO_TS, fire up a copy of Toast and create a DVD Video… Just drag those directories to Toast and wait for it to burn.

God, I am a bastard and I don’t even feel bad about it.

Movies on a mac… I guess there is a known issue with Macs and Divx, It doesn’t play sound for the most part. Here is the fix that I found. If you are going to use Quicktime, install Divx 5, and THEN install the 3ivX codec for QuickTime. Do it in that order and Divx …

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