HostingCon 2006

I can’t wait, there should be some good speakers there.  I really wish I knew what days and times i would be heading there and when I would be leaving, its kind of one of those things you like to know in advanced… but alas I dont.  Either way I am sure I will take a lot of pictures and have some notes updated daily from the conference.  Its going to be cool seeing some of the Liquid Web guys too.

Tomorrows Macworld Announcements *leaked*

Some of you may remember that last year I nailed the Macworld announcements two days early. Well, my anonymous source has come through once again. Here are the new products that will be announced tomorrow. Enjoy.

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Torvalds says to “Use KDE”

Linus Torvalds is seriously losing it. I no longer use Gnome or KDE but they both have their benefits. Torvalds is a kernal hacker not a UI guy. Maybe he should just zip it. .com .org. shhh I said zip it. ziipp iiit. ziiiippp.

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