Spring cleaning on the internets

selective focus photo of black and white delete, enter, power button, and F12 computer keys

Originally this site was my main spot for posting everyday life stories, technical documentation as well as all things WordPress-related. I am changing things up moving forward (I think I have said this before) and using my other site ShelbyDeNike.com for all technical and WordPress-related content while keeping this site up as more of an … Read More

Force all DNS traffic to Pi-hole on a USG Pro

I was looking for a way to force all DNS queries on my network to be pushed to my Pi-Hole no matter what hardcoded DNS servers were set up on the device. After a little research, I came across a couple of blog posts that pointed me in the right direction.

The main reason for this is not only that the kids are getting smarter to be able to adjust settings on their devices to bypass the Pi-Hole, but also I wanted to make sure all devices that jumped on my network were going through the same DNS servers for caching reasons. I also didn’t want to have to make sure I configured each device when added to my network.

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Git commit GPG error

I recently started running into an issue when trying to push commits to git.  The error was as follows. error: cannot run gpg: No such file or directory error: could not run gpg. fatal: failed to write commit object It seems as though a recent update messaged up my whole Git/GPG setup.After a little bit … Read More