Reducing the size of my Gmail account

The other day I noticed I had over 135k emails within my Archive box in Gmail, I logged in to Gmail and noticed that I was using 11.73GB out of my 19GB free space (This does encompass Google Drive as well, but I rarely use that so that was not where the bulk was from). …

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Vinegar for Safari

There is a new extension for Safari that aims to help clean up the Youtube viewing experience within Safari, this extension is called Vinegar. YouTube5 was a Safari extension back when Flash was still a thing and hated by everyone. It replaced the YouTube player (written in Flash) with an HTML <video> tag. And now the YouTube player …

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Spring cleaning on the internets

selective focus photo of black and white delete, enter, power button, and F12 computer keys

Originally this site was my main spot for posting everyday life stories, technical documentation as well as all things WordPress-related. I am changing things up moving forward (I think I have said this before) and using my other site for all technical and WordPress-related content while keeping this site up as more of an …

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