I spend 6 hours a day surfing the net at work. I work the other 2 hours.

So I came up with this Amazon Wishlist, I kept seeing other people having them… I felt a little left out I guess you could say. Anyways yesterday was “Turkey Day” as I keep hearing it called. That meaning is just odd, I mean not to say I have never heard it, but I seem to hear it more and more over the years. I think is the new trend or something. Who knows, im prob. just out of the loop. Work was pretty dull yesterday about 30mins to 1hr between calls = very very slow day @ work. I am eating some Taco Bell and its not tasting very well, and to top it off they forgot to give me my chips and cheese… bastards. So I have stopped smoking, I took a drag from a cig. butt the other night and about made me sick, the smell of smoke is even getting to me now… weird. I’m still looking into getting a Powerbook, I was trying to sort through my current bills and suh and I think if I cut out the bar, which I was planning anyways I would be able to afford it no problem at all. So maybe before new years 🙂

I like to burn things

Well the new slightly better site design is up… atleast on the main page, I’m working on the gallery and then the how-to section. I will leave and update as soon as thats complete… Also work sucks as jsut like it always does. And also if you are using Netscape or Mozilla then you might notice that the web log doesn’t display quite right.

I smoke too many cigarettes, and I dont think I’ve been sober for 3 years.

Sorry about the lack of updates… been kind of busy. I did post some pictures from the weekend in the gallery, nothing to exciting. I am wokring on a new site design to make it look well… I little more custom instead of this damn movabletype default setup. In other news I gained access to Digitalpimpz.com anwyays defaced it a little bit, and now the webmaster Steve is pretty pissed and hates me and the world… God I wish I could go back to the days when I cared that much about something… such as my site 😉 Also in geek news I am planning a case mod project where I am going to be taking an old Gateway desktop P-120 and gut it out, then toss a 400mhz chip and motherboard into it. I am planning on painting it and also adding wireless keyboard/muse into it and also I have a convertor box that will convert a monitor cable -> RCA, planning on building that into it… It should make a pretty decent Media PC… we will see, pictures coming soon. later.