Slackbot on hold…

I missed a day of posting for the challenge but was all for a good reason. I have scrapped the idea of creating the Slackbot, at least for now. I decided to go back and revisit the real needs and requirements of the project and am going with the KISS principle for the first release. … Read More

Best iPhone stand ever

This picture of an iPhone stand that I made popped up on my timeline and I figured I would share my creativity with the world, desperate times call for desperate measures and I needed a stand for my desk at work. On another note, what a long way Apple has come with the iPhone.

Social Media Presence

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Anyone that knows me knows that I am connected to just about every social media platform out there, some I have been using for more than a decade. Though I have found myself over the recent years really dropping back from being active on them.

There are so many platforms now, and all with their upsides and downsides to why you would use X over Y for this or that. In the end, it has almost been too overwhelming to keep up with, or more so care to keep up with. Do I really need to take a picture of my food? Do I really need to check in on Swarm or another location app?

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Building a Slackbot in PHP

Slackbot Image

Its been a while since I have taken on a coding project. The last one I can think of was when I was working at Envato and built off of a script that Aaron Rutley had created to help me perform quality assurance tests on ThemeForest themes before they were added to the now-defunct hosting platform.

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