I sometimes think I am nuts.

Prob. because I am posting so damn much …. anyways I guess the new server is up and running, prob going to move the sites over someitme this week… well thats the plan atleast. we will see how that goes, never goes as easy as it should šŸ™ I am sure there will be some data loss along the way šŸ™ which is going t osuck ass if thats the case.

Do paper cuts really hurt?

Damn what a lack of updates… NothingĀ really new in life, but as for computers I have been working on the Little HP Project, mainly trying to setup a nice looking HTPC. Click the links for pictures. Also TechFaqs.net is going to get finished sometime this month I hope. 7pounds is getting revamped as soon as my PayPal account gets enough money. People have already donated enough money to buy the forum software, and almost enough to purchase the gallery software, once I get those running then I am going to upload the new skin set I have been working on little by little.

I forgot people I know read this site.

I am running out of things to watch on tv/internet… on top of that I have no good music on my laptop. I need to find something new to look/listen to. Work is boring me like no other today, I am doing call backs and training a new guy. I am jsut counting down the hours until this weekend is here as friday I am supposed to meet up with Justin and drink a few beers and play some darts. Chase is supposed to come up there as well when he gets out of work. Then there is Sat… Tailgating should be a blast, I hope I live through it.

I confess that I am not happy with my life and that I am a thief.

I can’t figure it out.. my Linux installs that is, Its the same hardware that I have been using since day one. I can install Debian with the default Kernel of 2.20… and yeah it all works fine and dandy, but the 2nd I go and install Kernel 2.4.18-k6 and reboot, all looks fine but the damn NIC stops functioning. NeverĀ had this issue before, after multiple installs it keeps doing the same thing, maybe somethingĀ is wrong with the NIC? or just maybe my parents should have gotten me one of these when I was a kid DNA Kit for Kids, it would have made me wiser I think. Prob. would have done more for me than a damn chemistry set… who the hell knows.

Look me up in hell when you get there…

Because I have reached the end of the internet and have nothing worthwhile to look at. Well except for randomimage.us, it has a ton images… everything for screen shots to naked girls. I am working on a new site as I am quite tird of my sites as the yare now, this new one is going t obe a tech site, with answers to how to fix your computer, along with how to do this and that yadda yadda.. more to come on that soon. Work is over I’m leaving and heading home to sleep. I need a cig.