Repurposing the NYC Train Sign Project

NYC Train Sign

A couple of years ago my friend Jeff was cleaning out his storage unit and he came across the NYC Train Sign that he received from a now-defunct Kickstarter campaign that never took off, err I should say it took off but the company only ended up sending out a handful of the signs and …

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Bash Script to get temperature from a DS18B20 sensor


I set up two DS18B20 temperature sensors on my FishPi to monitor each side of the tank. While most scripts I found utilized Python to grab the temperature from the sensors, I of course wanted to do it in bash since while I understand Python I don’t “know” it well enough to write out a …

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A cheaper Phillips Hue LED strip

LED Light Strip

While I am a huge fan of the Phillips hue lighting system, it is expensive there is no doubt about that. Whenever I visit Home Depot or any other big box store I try to look around the clearance sections as you would be surprised at how often Phillips Hue lights are sitting there selling …

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