Life is full of crap…

Ya know when you think you got everything working right, something always has to go wrong. There is always that other power there trying to kick you in the ass when you dont expect it @ all. Life can crumble in front of your eyes and see the best things walk the other way. Wow thats some shit to think about, I mean hell you would be grilling a burger or watching a movie and the chance of a lifetime passes you by and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Life really sucks at times. In other news this weekend was one of the best weekends I think I have had in months, but I dont see any good ones coming after this point unless I can fix some shit. is down for god only knows how long, I have some shit I need to figure out before I can bring that bad boy back… If I ever do, Maybe will be for sale on ebay in the next couple days, guess we will see. missing things sucks more than life itself.

I drink from a flask sometimes.

The Co-Lo box is up and running… Had a NIC issue @ first and was dropping packets like no other. Thanks to Chase for bringing me a new NIC when he came to work, and with in 5 mins I had it replaced…. Now I am trying to work on getting the Virtual domains setup I think I about got it.. but who knows a little more testing is needed. I also moved the domain over to the new server, if everything goes well then it should be running in about 24hrs. Only time will tell I guess. Also Chase and I have begun work on OrangeCMS, yup a content management system more on that soon.

I am only falling apart

A lot has happened in the last couple of days. The other night we BBQed when I got home, anyways we left the gril on and it caught fire the whole deck was in flames it seemed like… It was some crazy shit. Other than that the weather is starting to get wonderful, I hope the weekend stays nice too… But its Michigan so I am not holding my breath for anything. I have added some pictures to the gallery as well. Right now you can see my Vegas trip, and some other random junk. Go ahead and take a look. More pictures coming soon.