Please god help me.

The Site will be moving to the new server in a day or 2 here, right now I am attempting to move over to the new server right now… hope it goes as planed, guess I wont know until the DNS is moved over.

I secretly wish I was black, I listen to rap music and love gaining acceptance from my African American peers.

I have changed the entire Movabletype templates to work itself into the Gallery and also the Howto section. This will make updateing the site style sheet a lot easier than before. If you are running Moveabletype and Gallery you might want to check out this really helpful How-To @ Other than that stay tuned for and updated site design.

I like to burn things

Well the new slightly better site design is up… atleast on the main page, I’m working on the gallery and then the how-to section. I will leave and update as soon as thats complete… Also work sucks as jsut like it always does. And also if you are using Netscape or Mozilla then you might notice that the web log doesn’t display quite right.