Thinking of disabling comments…

Lately I have been thinking more and more about disabling comments by default unless otherwise specified.  Most of the posts that I make on the site could go without comments, unless it is one of the various tech posts that I make and people have questions on the code.  Acting as kind of a test, what do you think about comments?  Are they really needed these days? Do you use them on your site(s)?

8 thoughts on “Thinking of disabling comments…”

  1. I keep them on most of the time, with an auto-disable when the post is a month old. That way if folks want to post, they can, but there’s no reviving old stuff for no reason.

    • Maybe I will switch to that method, though going back to some of the technical posts I make people randomly find them months and months later and inquire about them.

      • Yeah, on encylia I think I have it set to 8 months or a year or something. Long enough that if there are questions folks have a chance to ask about them.

        • I might have to kick around some time spans to get an idea of what would be the most optimal based on updates to scripts/software etc to make sure it allows enough time for people to comment on the semi-useful posts I make once in a blue moon heh

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