Tool – Mandalay Bay

Last month I found out that Tool was going to be playing a few shows across the US, one of them being here in Vegas.  I made sure on that day at 10am when tickets went on sale that I was able to get some.

I was able to see Tool last year and wasn’t too overly impressed with that show, but I was blown away with this one.  They stuck with a lot of their older stuff.  While the seats were kind of nose bleed it was nice to be able to sit back with a drink in hand and watch the show.

I took a few videos and uploaded them to YouTube, while they are not the best it does give you a decent view of the crowd/stage show.

2 thoughts on “Tool – Mandalay Bay”

  1. neato, I didn’t know you went by yourself or who told you about the show when they went on sale and everything 

    • You know that you went with me punk 😛 I mean after all you can hear yourself singing in the videos hehe.

      And I think we came across the knowledge of the ticket sales one day when looking up Tool or something.  Either way it was an awesome concert and glad we got to go together 🙂

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