I use Transmission to download torrents on my headless Linux box.  I was tired of always having to remote into the machine via FreeNX, SSH or web interface to see if downloads had completed. I have been using Notifo for sometime to monitor the lighting on my snakes aquarium and decided that this would be a good use of Notifo once again.  So after a bit of research I came across a bash script example that allowed Transmission to log to a file upon completion of downloads. I then came across a script that would let you send alerts to Notifo from the command line …. So I combined them and was left with the following.

# Version 020411
# Variables
# Construct and Send
messageMSG="title=$TITLE&label=$LABEL&msg=+$TR_TORRENT_NAME"$CURL -k -u $NAME:$APISECRET -d $MSG $URL > /dev/null

I have pushed this to GitHub and that is where any updates will be made when/if there are any that are made in the near future