Twitter and GreaseMonkey Bliss

As many of you know I use Twitter quite often, maybe a little too much even.  Most of this I can give thanks to TwitterFox since it is always there.
But along with TwitterFox, I still visit the actual twitter site from time to time and when I do these GreaseMonkey scripts spice it up a bit and make it a little more usable.

  • Twitpic Preview – I really don’t use this one that much as most people I know post links to their sites rather than to the images.  But when they are posted this will give you an image preview when people post images on TwitPic
  • Twitter Live Update – This one is pretty neat.  It will auto load new tweets when you you are viewing Direct Messages, Replies, Etc.

I am sure there are plenty of other Twitter GreaseMonkey addons out there, but so far these are the ones that make my Twitter experiance much more enjoyable.