Using Cloak VPN on xfinitywifi hotspots

I have been a long time user of the Cloak VPN app not only on my iPhone, but on my Macbook Air. I recently started to notice issue with Cloak VPN when trying to connect to xfinitywifi connections while on my Macbook Air. When connected to public wifi connections such as xfinitywifi with Cloak enabled, I was no longer able to browse or connect to any internet service.

After doing my due diligence and searching Google for an answer I came across various forum and blog posts from people having similar issues when trying to connect to VPN’s while on public connections but there was no direct fix my problem.

​I finally reached out to Cloak, and they not only get back to me right then and there, but were also able to provide me with a resolution.

Cloak suggested that I should try switching from UDP to TCP within the Cloak preferences. This was an option I for some reason never noticed. Making this change from UDP protocol to TCP  involved opening the Cloak preferences, navigating to the Advanced section and then choosing TCP from the dropdown.

After changing the setting I was able to begin using Cloak VPN on xfinitywifi and other public connections with out issues.