Valentines Day 2013

kat pizza vdayI think overall the best Valentines day to date was spent yesterday with Kat.  She is pretty amazing, especially for getting me more heartburn medicine and a heated back massager so I can stop complaining about my sore back all the time (Though I think I left it on too long as my back is now blistered from too much heat…. thats another story in itself).  She also got me a boatload of Threadless shirts to liven up my wardrobe which has recently become bland and lacking color.
After opening gifts from her (Due to stupid shipping options hers were not here on time :/) we ended up having a great dinner at Due Forni located in the Summerlin area here in Vegas.  If you are in the area and have not gone, you shoot. They have some really good brick oven pizza, and a pretty large wine selection all at a pretty decent price.  We also had their Polipo for an appetizer which is braised mediterranean octopus in a salad of sorts, it was amazing and we couldn’t get enough of it.
To top off the night we of coursed ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink (Really this is just out of connivence being located directly across the street from our condo.).  We made our way home and decided what better Valentines day movie could be watched besides Mama of course.  We sat through the movie wondering why it looked so scary on the previews but left us falling asleep and bored. We have come to the conclusion that scary movies are just not as good as they used to be.
That concluded our Valentines day, each one seems better than the last.  I am looking forward to many, many more wonderful holidays with Kat as each one always seems better than the last one that we shared together.