Wedding Weekend Update

Friday I had the pleasure of heading to Redondo Beach for my friend Nicks wedding. Missed the wedding due to the horrible traffic on the 91, but did manage to make it to the Reception. I added the few pictures to the gallery here. After that Sara and I went to Steves and Ambers house in Torrence to meet up with my friend Jessica and some of the E Backwards E guys. It was pretty fun, we then trucked back to the House of E and partied till about I think 4:30 or 5am.. it was a long night and we got some pretty interesting pictures of the whole ordeal. The next morning we grabbed some late breakfast at the Lighthouse(they actually have a good breakfast menu, usually I hate breakfast foods) and then we met up with Jeremy and went to Bills place in Long Beach for a BBQ and some time on the ocean. It was a good time and the weather was great. The drive back home later that night was pretty horrible again, I was tired and of course there was some traffic go figure.

I haven’t really done much this morning, I slept in longer than I wanted to and went and got some brake pads for my car as it really needs them. Got home to find a message from Peyton giving me an early birthday call. It was good hearing her voice, prob the best birthday present I could have gotten. I think after Sara gets back from work she is goign to tag along with me to Ikea so I can look for a bed for when I move in a week. I am really excited to get out of here and start that new chapter in the book of my life. It will be cool actually being down in the mix of things instead of on the outside looking in like I have been for the last year. I am sure more updates will follow this week since my Birthday is on Monday and will be moving this coming weekend.