Weekends are not for blogging

Weekends are not for blogging 2
Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

I have decided, for the most part, to become only a Monday through Friday blogger in these 100 days of blogging challenge. Not that I don’t want to blog during the weekends, but I often just don’t have ample time, though I know that is an excuse as I find time during the week… I guess in the end I don’t want to be tied to the computer on the weekends especially when I have so many other things that I can do,

Even with that being said, I expect that there will be some random posts here and there coming in on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning when I am checking emails while having a cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I was talking with a colleague about coffee, and it was suggested that I give Black Rifle Coffee Company Caffeinated as Fuck a try, so I ordered a 12 pack of pods for the Keurig which should arrive this weekend. I am very interested to see if this leads to an early morning heart attack or if it is all hype.