Well here we go…

I have been meaning to write something up about the last couple of weeks in my new home.  The move went well, seemed like it was never going to happen but then finally the day came.  Had a nice going away party over at Chads, had a few drinks, and then a few more.  I will hopefully post the pictures on my flickr when I decide to stop being lazy.  The morning after the party we packed up and did the final run through of the place.  Then we hit the road, a few hours later than I had planned but whatever.  After getting into Vegas we unloaded the truck and then I unloaded the rest of my car.  I have now realized that I have a few too many clothes…  I should downgrade.

Other than the move I have just been hanging out, enjoying this like a mini vacation.  I am liking Vegas more and more everyday, I mean there is a Jimmy Johns and a BW3’s nearby what more can you ask for? I have also discovered a love for Disc Golfing, kind of wish I had picked up on it sooner… but better now then never I guess.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the ocean, but its only a few hours away.  I am still looking for a dive bar near by, one that is less about the video poker and more about the cheap drinks and good atmosphere.

The only downfall I have found thus far with this place is the fact that you can drink 24/7 … That could end up being a bad thing.  On the job front, well thats another story.  I had an interview the 2nd week I was here, but still have not gotten the job.  Its somewhat depressing when I start to look at bills and rent and know that I dont have the funds… But ohh well I figure everything else fell into place with moving here so maybe a job will land on my lap soon enough.