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Wireless Printer Upgrade?

Right now I have my HP PSC1610 printer hooked to my Fileserver and shared over the network.  It works alright excpet that it has a large footprint on my media center(this is where my fileserver is located)  I am thinking with the addition of a wireless printer such as the Brother HL series HL-2170W. I will be able to clear up my media center and place the printer somewhere else, such as maybe a closet or something.  Anyone ever used this printer, it seems to have good reviews, and the price is good as well.  If not any other suggestions on a printer?  It doesn’t need to do anything that fancy as I really dont print color, nor do I really print everyday.  The HP PSC1610 that I have has worked well, but I never used the scanner and when the color ink or black ink is all used up it wont let you print even if the other ink cartarige is full.

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