WordPress slow feed updates or lack of

I have been battling an ongoing issue during the 100 Day Blogging Challenge where both of my sites that are submitted to the challenge via the default WordPress RSS feeds are never updating or are taking multiple days to show that a post was made.

I thought I had narrowed it down to utilizing multiple layers of caching such as Redis, WP-Rocket, and Cloudflare, ohh and Cloudflare Edge Caching but even after disabling the services or plugins it still seems to be an ongoing issue.

The next step in the process of troubleshooting this will sadly involve disabling all the plugins and the theme and testing by enabling one by one until I pinpoint the issue. Having worked as a System Administrator as well as serving my time in the Support trenches I have suggested this as an option many times over, but now when it comes to performing these steps on my own sites I see why some people did not see this as an option as it is a royal pain.

So until I get the time and willingness to do this I think I am just going to have to deal with the slow RSS feed updates showing up in Slack, and various RSS Readers.