had some drinks, played some kickball, we lost, went to brennens, had some half-price food and drinks, went to the hot tub, had a bbq, it included shrimp that was rather bland, went out to eat with Vanessa and a bunch of InMotion Hosting people, we also drink, hit up the bar after an awesome pasta dinner, saw Donna from that 70’s show waiting in line, her friends could not get in so they all left, dranks a glass, and then another, ended up buying a pitcher, we drank that and then left to the liquor store, took the longboard home, had to ride back to get the jack daniels that ben left on the street corner, it was still there, we drank it when we got home, was supposed to go see bon iver in a cemetery, I overslept and missed waking up to monks singing and then an amazing show by bon iver, had one day off this weekend, now its another week of work.