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Zero’s and Ones…

In my never ending quest to get my Powerbook fully loaded to the gills with every piece of software I can think of ever using, I came across Colloquy. Colloquy is an iRC client, I have yet to install it but it looks like a pretty good client and its open source and well free. I think I will be giving it a try once I get out of work @ 11. Actually installing it might be some sort of issue as my shitty Comcast has been down pretty much all day 🙁 I hope its back online when I get home. Chris is supposed to run a new cable from the basement to the upstairs, as the one there is a piece of old ass ghetto coax. Last but not least, I am so glad that I have my Apple. Because if I didn’t I would prob. have to deal with the new Sasser Virus. So in other words if you have windows get the dan updates.

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